Search Engine Optimization Overview (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has thousands of explanations/definitions across Google. The most common explanation or definition of SEO has continually been to rank your website at the top of Google or search engines. The definition falls far short of real SEO. Real SEO is ranking your website at the top of Google or other search engines and getting the searcher to click through to your website.

If your website ranks at the top of Google or search engines and you do not get the click to your site, you can have a great party showing your success before you go out of business for a lack of website traffic.

In fact, the Best SEO definition is:

  • Getting to the top of Google or Search Engines
  • Getting a click to your Website
  • And getting a sales, or signup or whatever your business success item is

You either have or will at some point receive emails or ads offering to rank in Google position 1 for your website. This is a great and tempting promise but take very strong note that no specific keyword phrase was stated. Every guarantee of position 1 rankings should be taken with a grain of salt because a ranking of position 1 for an obscure keyword phrase adds no value to your business or company.

An important part of Search Engine Optimization to remember is the fact that Google can and does adjust the organic search algorithm often. Many of those adjustments are minor, some are large changes to the ranking algorithm. No one outside of the select few at Google actually know the search engine algorithm. No matter how much someone claims that they talk to Google, they do not know. There are very good SEO companies that continually test web changes and not how Google changes the rankings based on the changes. This provides us with a great understanding of how to rank higher, but this is testing and analysis, not exact knowledge.

The purpose of SEO Whisperer is to provide SEO information based on over 20 years of SEO experience. There is an old joke – Given any 3 SEO Experts, the only thing 2 of them can agree on is that the 3rd person is doing it wrong. SEO Whisperer will go through tried and true techniques that will improve your SEO rankings. These are not necessarily hard but are straightforward simply changes. Before hiring a high dollar SEO consultant, analyze and/or try a few suggestions to see how your website rankings change.

We’re going to go through SEO components, techniques, and opportunities.

SEO Elements –

  • H1 Tag
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords (yes, this still has value)
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Inter-Site Linking
  • Relevance
  • Backlinks
  • Content Structure
  • Site Speed

If you are using WordPress, the best tool to help put SEO elements in place is All in One SEO (AIOSEO). It has the strongest integrity, security, speed and ease of use available (just a note, we DO NOT receive any compensation from AIOSEO) . If you are not using WordPress, just ensure you have the ability to enter and update all the SEO components easily and if it is a plugin, test that the website speed is not affected.

We wish everyone great SEO success.

The SEO Whisperer Team